Best Office Chairs For Home & Office Use In India Online Under 5000

Office Chairs For Home & Office Use In India :

Are you looking for the best home and office chairs under 5000 in India? Then you came to the right place. As there are numerous varieties out there on the market, choosing the best office chairs for home and office use appears to be challenging.

Ordinary chairs are not designed to support certain body parts, such as the back, neck, buttocks, and legs, which can cause soreness, aches, and pains.

A good office chair can ensure the correct posture and support the spine and head. Therefore, you can sit comfortably for a long time without affecting your health.

It can be a major mistake to get the wrong office chair which can lead to several back problems. It will also destroy the posture of the body.

Therefore, please rest assured that here, we have processed more than 5000 kinds of best office chairs for home & office in India, and you can buy by yourself without much research. We save you all your precious time and money.

Savya Home® APEX Delta MB Umbrella Base Office Chair

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This standard black chair comes with a durable, elegant, and comfortable armrest with levers for adjusting heights, as suitable for you. The backrest is built of a premium breathable mesh fabric, while the heavy-duty 26-inch plastic base (non-rustable) provides solid support and can take up to 100 kilograms of weight.

The 50mm nylon casters on the wheels are extremely strong, providing a smooth experience. The thick mesh cushion also provides a comfortable experience and the size of the chair allows it to fit in small spaces without any trouble as well. The chair also comes with a 360-degree swivel, allowing greater movement.

👉 Easy to assemble.
👉 Durable plastic base for longer-lasting.
👉 High weight tolerance capacity.
👉 Office Chairs for home & office

👉 2009 design, may not be up to date.
👉 The paint may come off soon.
👉 The cushion may wear out easily.

Savya Home® APEX AM-5002 Apollo Medium Black Office Chairs

This 26 inches wide chair with a height of 38 to 43 inches is primarily made of Ergonomic Co-Polymer. It has a comfortable and stylish black mesh back with a durable plastic armrest.

The base of the chair is made of chrome-plated metal, providing the assurance of high durability. The seat is a 2-inch thick padded mesh seat that provides great comfort. The height of the chair can be adjusted by five inches with the help of the lever, as desired by the user.

👉 Tested for 100kg weight tolerance.
👉 Durable metal base.
👉 Easy to assemble
👉 Office Chairs for home & office

👉 Back support may cause issues.
👉 Packaging may be too tight, cramping product parts.
👉 Paint may not be so durable.

MBTC Magma Bar Stool Chairs

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This 22 to 32 inches high bar stool comes with premium quality fine leatherette attachments, with strong metal support for a more sturdy and durable experience. The chair has a 3 inch thick PU cushion that is highly comfortable, also allowing a 360-degree swivel and height adjustment.

The chair also has a rubber rim attached to the metal base of the chair to prevent any scratches from marking the floor. The double support ring around the seat also provides more sturdiness to the design, elevating your experience.

👉 Good packaging.
👉 Comfortable cushion.
👉 Easy installation.
👉 Office Chairs for home & office

👉 The base might rust easily.
👉 Soldering may be unsatisfactory.

ADOC Oren Medium Back Ergonomic Office Chairs

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This chair is made of course-polymer with an attractive contoured mesh back and a sturdy armrest for lasting support. The strong non-rustable plastic base provides great durability to the chair, while the nylon wheels give a smooth mobile experience.

The three inches thick padded seat provides for a day-long comfortable seating arrangement and the six-inch pneumatic height adjustment amplifies the utility of the chair.

👉 Sturdy plastic base.
👉 Good packaging.
👉 Good ergonomics.
👉 Office Chairs for home & office

👉 The back may not be comfortable.
👉 The seat may wear out.

Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office Chairs

Green Soul uses a breathable quality mesh that provides firm back support with its spine shaped alignment. The nylon base gives the chair the sturdiness it needs for durability, and the wheels offer unmatched mobility.
The back comes with a rocking tilt that can go from 90 degrees to 105 degrees, the Torsion knob used to regulate the hardness or softness of the recline. The chair also comes in attractive color variants– Smart Black, Bold Grey, Flirty Orange, and Confident Maroon.

👉 Smart color options.
👉 360-degree swivel.
👉 Comfortable back.
👉 Office Chairs for home & office

👉 The lever may cause trouble.
👉 Armrest feel may not be up to the mark.

Majestic Triple Star Mesh Alpha MB Umbrella Black Office Chairs

This black mesh chair is a good pick as it comes with a breathable wire mesh back with a sturdy and strong spine. The chair provides a smooth 360-degree swivel along with smooth nylon wheels.

The class 4 falsify makes it easier for the user to regulate the settings of the chair to their preference. The chair comes with a 32 density foam cushion, providing a comfortable seat that one can relax in.

👉 Sturdy spine.
👉 Strong five-star base.
👉 Comes with a pushback mechanism.
👉 Office Chairs for home & office

👉 Packaging may compress components.
👉 Armrest may not be very comfortable.

Timber Cheese Ergonomic Office Chairs

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This chair is provided by Timber Cheese, a reputed furniture manufacturing brand, and comes with specifications that may satisfy the customer completely. This 35 to 40 inches high chair comes with a strong plastic armrest that provides great comfort along with a contoured mesh backrest.

The seat is a 2-inch thick padded one that lets you work for long hours comfortably, and has a pneumatic 5-inch height adjustment that allows you to adjust as it suits your taste. It comes in three attractive color variants – White, Red, and Brown.

👉 Comfortable backrest.
👉 Easy to assemble.
👉 High weight tolerance.
👉 Office Chairs for home & office

👉 Packaging may be unsatisfactory.
👉 A bigger screwdriver than provided may be required for assembly.


Don’t risk your health on poorly designed, old, and cheap chairs. Therefore, even if a suitable chair is beyond your budget, please try to buy it. In the long run, you will release it as a better option than cheaper.

The Savya Home ® APEX Delta MB umbrella basic office chair is the highest, according to the analysis and research of our professionals. It has all the required attributes and considerations. Its ergonomic nature, even though you sit for a longer time, is sufficient to support your back.

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